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Dental Fillings

Why should old dental fillings be replaced?  Well, they should not be redone unless they are either bothersome, have new decay, or show signs that the teeth are cracking or some other problem is developing that will benefit from a new filling or a crown.

But, one thing that bothers people about their old dental fillings is the color.  In the past, most fillings were done in silver. It is still used, but not as much as a few years ago. Silver fillings look like a black spot on the surface of a tooth. And, it usually makes the entire tooth look a little gray because the silver shows through the sides of the translucent enamel. If the black look of a silver amalgam dental filling is bothersome to a patient, it can be replaced with a white restoration and appear more like a natural tooth.


These pictures are samples of what we have done at Valley of the Sun Dentistry.

dental fillings

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