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Mask Mouth | COVID-19

Mask Mouth | Observations from Your Local Dentist in Glendale, Az

Even before COVID-19, I constantly wore masks while doing dental work. When I am focused on working in a patient’s mouth, it is not uncommon for me breathe through my mouth. This would cause my mouth to become dry. Now that the general population is wearing a mask in public, it is more common for…
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Do colds cause toothaches?

I have a cold…and now my teeth hurt! | Dentist Near Me

It’s that time of year. Colds and flu are passed to anyone who wants to breath air or touch anything. A lot of these give us inflamed sinuses. I (Dr. Fink) managed to catch something and my nose has been plugged for over three weeks and my upper molars hurt to bite on like I…
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