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Holiday candy may be putting more stress on your teeth than you may think.

Holiday Candy and Your Teeth | Family Dentist Near Me 85308

Holiday Candy: THAT’S GOOD FOR BUSINESS! Most holidays are harder on teeth than other days. Eating more sugar, chewing hard candies, opening wrappers with your teeth; all these can stress teeth past their breaking point. And it’s not just candy. Bones in meats, hard breads, fruit rollups, granola bars, etc. all take their toll. Halloween can…
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Temporary Solutions for Loose Dental Crowns and Fillings

Temporary Solutions From Your Local Dentist: Loose Dental Crown & Filling

Do you have a loose dental crown? Have you lost a dental filling? Not sure how to fix a dental crown or a dental filling? There are products that will provide a temporary solution until you are able to go to your local dentist. Dr. Fink demonstrates a few of these temporary solutions you can…
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Dental Fillings

Should I have my old dental fillings replaced? | Glendale Dentist Near Me

Why should old dental fillings be replaced?  Well, they should not be redone unless they are bothersome, have new decay, or show signs that the teeth are cracking, or some other problem is developing that will benefit from a new filling or a crown. One thing that bothers people about their old dental fillings is…
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