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Power Flosser

Power Flosser by Waterpik | Dentist Glendale – Phoenix 85308

At Valley of the Sun Dentistry, we now carry the Power Flosser by Waterpik. This battery operated electric flosser helps reduce plaque, prevent bleeding gums and aids in achieving optimal oral health.  Ask us about the Power Flosser at your next dental appointment!   Written by Shay, Registered Dental Hygienist. The dentist’s two bits: I have…
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Dental Health

Is Soda Bad for Your Teeth??? | Advice From A Family Dentist Practitioner

We’ve all heard soda is bad for your teeth and dental health. But how bad is it really? Does it matter how often you drink it? Isn’t diet soda better? Yes, it is bad. Yes it does matter how often. Diet is usually not better, and may be worse than regular sodas. First of all…
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Best Oral Care

What Toothpaste should I use?? | Best Oral Care | Phoenix Family Dentist

What toothpaste is best for my oral care? A common question we get is “what is the best toothpaste?” for the best oral care. My usual answer is “that depends on what you want it to do!”. When I was in college my dentist told me toothpaste was just soap. I quit using it for…
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