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Woman Wearing Mask

Mask Mouth | Observations from Your Local Dentist in Glendale, Az

Even before COVID-19, I constantly wore masks while doing dental work. When I am focused on working in a patient’s mouth, it is not uncommon for me breathe through my mouth. This would cause my mouth to become dry. Now that the general population is wearing a mask in public, it is more common for…
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Best Oral Care

What Toothpaste should I use?? | Best Oral Care | Phoenix Family Dentist

What toothpaste is best for my oral care? A common question we get is “what is the best toothpaste?” for the best oral care. My usual answer is “that depends on what you want it to do!”. When I was in college my dentist told me toothpaste was just soap. I quit using it for…
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