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corn cob on picnic blanket

Corn on the Cob and Your Teeth: WATCH OUT FOR THE PRONGS!

Corn on the Cob and Your Teeth: WATCH OUT FOR THE PRONGS! Watch this video on YouTube Sweet corn will be in season in Arizona this June, which means we will be seeing more corn on the cob in stores. While corn on the cob is a delicious addition to any meal, it can be…
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Broken Tooth, clean break

Broken Tooth: Home Remedy Solutions from a Dentist

Broken Tooth Do you have a broken tooth but are unable to immediately go to the dentist? While the tooth itself may not hurt, it may have sharp edges that bother your tongue. Dr. Fink demonstrates how you can smooth irritating sharp edges to provide temporary relief until you visit your dentist. Watch this video…
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Temporary Solutions From Your Local Dentist: Loose Dental Crown & Filling

Do you have a loose dental crown? Have you lost a dental filling? Not sure how to fix a dental crown or a dental filling? There are products that will provide a temporary solution until you are able to go to your local dentist. Dr. Fink demonstrates a few of these temporary solutions you can…
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