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Chewing Ice and Your Teeth: That’s Good For Business

Chewing Ice and Your Teeth: That’s Good For Business Watch this video on YouTube How does chewing ice negatively affect my teeth? Today I want to talk about pagophagia (the compulsion to crave and chew ice) and how that affects your teeth. Ice can negatively affect your teeth because ice is hard and cold. These characteristics…
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Woman Wearing Mask

Mask Mouth | Observations from Your Local Dentist in Glendale, Az

Even before COVID-19, I constantly wore masks while doing dental work. When I am focused on working in a patient’s mouth, it is not uncommon for me breathe through my mouth. This would cause my mouth to become dry. Now that the general population is wearing a mask in public, it is more common for…
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Broken Tooth, clean break

Broken Tooth: Home Remedy Solutions from a Dentist

Broken Tooth Do you have a broken tooth but are unable to immediately go to the dentist? While the tooth itself may not hurt, it may have sharp edges that bother your tongue. Dr. Fink demonstrates how you can smooth irritating sharp edges to provide temporary relief until you visit your dentist. Watch this video…
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Toothbrushes next to a window

Manual vs Electric Toothbrushes | Glendale Dentist Near Me 85308

Is It Better to Use an Electric or a Manual Toothbrush?  Written by Taylor Norris. Electric vs. manual toothbrush Brushing your teeth is the foundation of good oral care and prevention. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), both electric and manual toothbrushes are effective at removing oral plaque that causes decay and disease. Electric and…
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Dental Sealant Process three steps

What Are Sealants? | Family Dentist Near Me 85308

  Brushing and flossing are the best ways to help prevent cavities, but it’s not always easy to clean every nook and cranny of your teeth – especially those back teeth you use to chew (called molars). Molars are rough, uneven and a favorite place for leftover food and cavity-causing bacteria to hide. Still, there’s…
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Dentures holding a toothbrush sign

Flossing: Tips From Your Local Hygienists in Glendale and Phoenix

  Flossing is very important to good dental health, but not everyone knows the best way to floss. There are multiple different methods to floss your teeth, but not all methods clear away the same amount of plaque. It doesn’t matter how you may floss. What does matter is that you are eliminating the greatest…
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Mouth Guard custom green and yellow

Mouth Guards

Why use a mouth guard? When I was growing up in my little town, sports were always an interest. We had a little league team every year and I got to pitch. We were at practice one day and the coach was hitting fly balls for us to practice catching. I will never forget that…
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What mouthwash should I use?

What Mouthwash Should I Use? | Glendale Dentist Near Me

What mouthwash do you recommend? Well, let’s talk about that. What do you want a mouthwash to do? What can a mouthwash do? Your own saliva is the best mouthwash. It does a bunch of good things. It rinses around your mouth when you swallow and talk, mixes with food to start digestion, and buffers…
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Child dental care | an apple a day keeps the doctor away

Benefits of Healthy Eating Habits

Benefits of Healthy Eating Habits An apple a day may keep the dentist away! Many parents worry about their children’s dental care, and with good reason! The Academy of General Dentistry reports that the dietary habits of schoolchildren encourage an increase in sugar intake leading to a greater risk of cavities. Over a 15-month period,…
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Power Flosser

Power Flosser by Waterpik

At Valley of the Sun Dentistry, we now carry the Power Flosser by Waterpik. This battery-operated electric flosser helps reduce plaque, prevent bleeding gums and aids in achieving optimal oral health.  Ask us about the Power Flosser at your next dental appointment! Written by Shay, Registered Dental Hygienist. The dentist’s two bits on the power…
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