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Holiday candy may be putting more stress on your teeth than you may think.

Holiday Candy and Your Teeth | Family Dentist Near Me 85308

Holiday Candy: THAT’S GOOD FOR BUSINESS! Most holidays are harder on teeth than other days. Eating more sugar, chewing hard candies, opening wrappers with your teeth; all these can stress teeth past their breaking point. And it’s not just candy. Bones in meats, hard breads, fruit rollups, granola bars, etc. all take their toll. Halloween can…
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Do colds cause toothaches?

I Have a Cold, and Now a Toothache

It’s that time of year. Colds and flu are passed to anyone who wants to breath air or touch anything. A lot of these give us inflamed sinuses. I (Dr. Fink) managed to catch something, and my nose has been plugged for over three weeks and my upper molars hurt to bite on like I…
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Best Oral Care

What Toothpaste should I use?? | Best Oral Care | Phoenix Family Dentist

What toothpaste is best for my oral care? A common question we get is “what is the best toothpaste?” for the best oral care. My usual answer is “that depends on what you want it to do!”. When I was in college my dentist told me toothpaste was just soap. I quit using it for…
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