Power Flosser by Waterpik

Power Flosser

At Valley of the Sun Dentistry, we now carry the Power Flosser by Waterpik. This battery-operated electric flosser helps reduce plaque, prevent bleeding gums and aids in achieving optimal oral health.  Ask us about the Power Flosser at your next dental appointment!

Written by Shay, Registered Dental Hygienist.

The dentist’s two bits on the power flosser:

I have never been one to promote a lot of accessories from the dental office, but his is one that made the cut.  We wish everyone could and would floss effectively.  It is my opinion that NOTHING is as good as flossing to prevent gum inflammation.  However, I realize that there are many patients who cannot or will not floss well.  But if they will use this Power Flosser, I am recommending it.  It is so much better than not doing anything to clean between the teeth.  It is easy, comfortable, and inexpensive.  For patients with bridges, braces, gaps, and implants, this accessory is highly recommended.



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