Using Teeth as Tools

Woman Using her Teeth on Tape

How do people use their teeth as tools?

Teeth are amazing things. They are hard and sharp and can grind things, and they can cut and tear and hold stuff; and they are designed to do that with things you are going to eat.  And if you take care of them, they are usually a big part of a pleasant smile. However, there are other things that people use their teeth for. Some people like to use their teeth as tools to crack open a bottle of soda, some people like to use their teeth to rip open packages, and of course some people like to use their teeth as an extra pair of hands.

Well, surprise, but teeth are not meant to do that. You can use your teeth as tools to do a surprising number of things apart from chewing, but if you do there’s a very high chance that you will end up with chips in your teeth. They are typically small chips on the chewing edges and tips of the cusps but eventually those small chips that break away from your teeth add up so that your teeth are weakened, and they no longer have enough enamel to protect them.

What should I use instead?

Something that I’d recommend, is to go and purchase a thing called a multi-tool. Some camping sections have a cheap set for less than $10 that has a pair of pliers and a couple of different types of cutleries such as knives or little saws that are in fact meant to do the things that you are now doing with your teeth. Of course, not everyone would like to buy a multitool, or even if you have one you’ll just find that using your teeth is more convenient than using that multitool. That’s fine, and in fact that’s good for business, and if you do that, please remember us — Valley of the Sun Dentistry at 602-942-4260 or REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT  with us today.

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