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Holiday candy may be putting more stress on your teeth than you may think.


Most holidays are harder on teeth than other days. Eating more sugar, chewing hard candies, opening wrappers with your teeth; all these can stress teeth past their breaking point. And it’s not just candy. Bones in meats, hard breads, fruit rollups, granola bars, etc. all take their toll.

Halloween can be especially damaging. Our good patient Tyler brought this to our attention last year when he came in just after having this not-so-sweet tooth incident.  Two extractions in one bite! True story! Very nice of him to let us get a picture of the result. These teeth were ready to be lost at this point anyway, but that’s not always the case.  We have seen crowns pulled off, fillings pulled out, cracked pieces of teeth removed, and denture teeth loosened.

Sometimes the sticky stuff just loosens the faulty piece more which leaves it hanging on and irritating your mouth. Tongues seem especially bothered by anything new in the mouth like that and keep going over to that spot and rub it to check it out, getting raw and sore in the process. Usually when that happens, there was already a problem that would have needed attention anyway.

What can I do if this happens to me?

Be aware that if a crown or a filling gets pulled loose by a good sticky piece of Halloween candy, Valley of the Sun Dentistry is here for you!

And, if you have an emergency at home at an inconvenient time, see our home remedies for short term emergency fixes of some common problems.

From a business perspective, I suppose we should encourage this kind of behavior. But that would be like a tire shop telling you to drive over nails.  Maybe we should be like the tobacco and alcohol industry. “This stuff will cause you harm so eat responsibly!”

Enjoy your holidays and chew responsibly!

– Dr. Larry J. Fink, DDS

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