Temporary Solutions From Your Local Dentist: Loose Dental Crown & Filling


Do you have a loose dental crown? Have you lost a dental filling? Not sure how to fix a dental crown or a dental filling? There are products that will provide a temporary solution until you are able to go to your local dentist. Dr. Fink demonstrates a few of these temporary solutions you can use if you are unable to get to the dentist that same day.


Hi. I have a lot of patients who call and have broken a tooth or have had a filling come loose. Some of them try to use these temporary filling materials that you get at the drug stores around here. I want to go over what is available and how best to use it.

I went over to the closest drug store to us and I got three different products. I’ve got one called Recap-It which is more designed for a crown coming loose than a filling; it’s too soft for a filling. I’ve also got a couple of products designed for fillings called DenTek Temparin® Max and Dentemp Loose Cap & Lost Filling Repair. They’re more of a putty and they won’t work well with a crown because they’re too stiff and the crown won’t go on all the way.

Fixing a Loose Dental Filling

I’ve taken the time to open this which was a lot more trouble than it seemed getting through the package. Inside of this package you’re going to have some putty in there and it comes with this applicator stick. It’s kind of flat on one side and it has a little round ball on the other side. All you want to do is take the flat end and just pull out enough to fill in whatever hole you have in your tooth.

I just happen to have a model that I got while I was in dental school about thirty-something years ago. And since it’s thirty years old, it’s got some missing stuff on it. And it’s got a crown that comes on and off, so I’m going to use that as a model.

For the filling I’m going to use DenTek Temparin® Max Repair Kit. This model has a little tiny hole in the top of his tooth. What you do is you stick that applicator tip and you put it so there is some of the DenTek material in the hole. I would use my finger after washing it thoroughly, to press that down in there. On the other end of this tip, the round ball was designed to put in the center and slide up each of those groves so that it blends in and makes it more smooth. Now you’re done!

Fixing a Loose Dental Crown

For a crown that has come loose, usually they’ll go right back on without too much trouble. You want to try putting it right back on in first because if it doesn’t go on all the way and you put cement on it, you are going to have a really weird feeling bite.

For this demonstration, I will be using Dentemp Recap-it Cap & Crown Repair. To cement your crown back on, take the crown and the open tube in hand. Squeeze just enough in the crown to cover a little bit inside. When you put it on, it will squish out. It’s hard not to get enough in there. You then put the crown on the tooth and push it on tight. You are then going to bite on it and work it down in. The cement will squeeze out the side as you bite down. Once that sets for a minute or two, you can take a toothpick and clean that up. That will usually hold temporarily for a few days until you can get back to the office for us to more permanently fix the crown.

If you have a loose crown or have lost a filling, call us at 602-942-4260 or Schedule An Appointment with us today!

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